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Make Your World a Happier Place

A proud, worldwide leader of the happiness movement, Neora offers a unique approach to looking, feeling and living better, highlighted by our unprecedented belief in the important role being happy and having a positive attitude play in staying young and maintaining a high quality of life.

Imagine a history of happiness.

Neora, through our sister company, Live Happy, invests time, money and executive support to lead the happiness movement and spread the word through our Live Happy magazine, radio show, podcast and digital resources. Our top leaders sit on the board of the International Positive Education Network, are members of the Happiness Hall of Fame, and have even spoken about happiness before the United Nations. Neora is dedicated to promoting and sharing authentic happiness and inspiring people to live purpose-filled, healthy, meaningful lives in the support of the timeless quest: living happy.

Imagine what happiness can do for you.

Research and experience show happier people engage more fully in leading purpose-driven, healthy, meaningful lives. The results are seen in every facet of life. People who define themselves as happy and optimistic have been shown to:

  • Have reduced blood pressure during stressful events.*

  • Bring their best selves to work every day.**

  • Receive more pay raises, make better decisions and produce fresh ideas.**

  • Cultivate intrinsic needs, including compassion, kindness, altruism and self-improvement.†

  • Surround themselves with people that offer cooperation, support and enjoyment.††

  • Be more likeable, sociable, pleasant and rewarding to be around.††

* Source:  The Oxford Handbook of Happiness

**Source: Happiness: Unlocking the Mysteries of Psychological Wealth by Ed Diener and Robert Biswas-Diener (p. 73 – 75)

† Source: The Science of Happiness, UC Berkeley, edX

†† Source: Happiness by Ed Diener and Robert Biswas-Diener. Pages 47-67

Imagine having a happiness toolbox.

Because happiness is so powerful, Neora and Live Happy choose not only to embrace happiness as a lifestyle foundation, but to provide tools to help people actively live with a happier, healthier, better quality of life. Live Happy, Neora’s sister company, is the largest content creator of information regarding positive psychology. Resources offered include:

  • Live Happy Magazine – Weaving the science of positive psychology through inspiring features, relatable stories, and sage advice, to help people discover their personal journey of happiness in life, at work and at home. Available at newsstands, in bookstores and in a digital edition.

  • Neora Brand Partners and Preferred Customers receive a free digital subscription
    to Live Happy magazine as well as ongoing access to a wealth of information
    on living a happier life.

  • Live Happy Now podcast.

  • Live Happy radio show.

  • #happyacts—A year-round movement encouraging people to carry out and share “happy acts” to promote happiness and kindness in honor of the United Nation’s International Day of Happiness, March 20.

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